A support for a great protection ! 

The TabLock antitheft supports and cables ensure the security of your tablet.

TabLock - antivol

SiliCase TabLock

SiliCase TabLock

SiliCase Lock & Protect

SiliCase TabLock is a single solution that allows the security of a tablet equipped with a rugged case. The antitheft system is composed of an ultra-adhesive plate to stick on the back of the tablet and an antitheft code cable. 

  1. Silicase TabLock Rugged Case

  2. TabLock antitheft ultra-adhesive plate

  3. TabLock antitheft code cable



SiliCase Lock, Protect & Charge

Secure and recharge your tablet with this 3 in 1 solution. The 2 in 1 cable ensures the antitheft security and the recharging. You also can use the stand position thanks to the antitheft crutch. 


TabLock - 2 en 1
TabLock - Support Antivol 9 à 13 pouces

TabLock - Adjustable antitheft support   

This universal support allows the security of any tablet without rugged case. 

You can choose your antitheft cable that goes with your mount : standard, code, key or stretchable.

2 versions : 

  8 à 11"     10 à 13"


TabLock - Universal antitheft stand

The universal antitheft stand holds any tablets up to 10" till 13" inches. You can add a key or a code antitheft cable for a total security of your tablet.

Thanks to the support, the tablet can be leaned to 180°. 

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Stand Antivol Universel pour Tablette
Borne TabStore Swing

Swing Counter Kiosk

Secured by a 2-in-1 cable, the counter Swing can be passed from hand to hand in the waiting room or in the lobby of a hotel.

The kiosk can also goes from a side to another for a total interaction with your customer.

Swing Counter Kiosk is the most stylish securing solution.

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IR Dock Counter

IR Dock is the highest secured counter kiosk. Locked by an infrared key, the tablet is securely docked on the kiosk pedesal. It is also protected by an alarm system. 
It is compatible with our Silicase rugged case.

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Tablock - IR Dock Comptoir Sécurisé