Connect and reload

TabConnect products combines all the connectivity equipment for your tablet : charging cable, charger, cradle and magnetic charging rack...

TabConnect is also a range of precision stylus.

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Reload & amp; Connect your tablet

The TabConnect Connectivity Range offers solutions for recharging and connecting peripherals via USB or Bluetooth.

Cable & amp; Charging Rack, Charging Hub and USB Type-C Connection...

TabDrop - Station Magnétique de Charge POGO - 5 Emplacements


At the tip of the writing The stylus is the essential accessory for your tablet to hang notes or draw with precision, without risking damaging the your tablet screen.

Also offer the possibility of integrating a keyboard into your tablet in order to offer you the possibilities of a laptop while preserving the mobility of a touch pad.



Integrate a scalable and economical solution into your business by transforming your tablets and smartphones.
Thanks to the Magnetic Adapter, you can quickly dock with your equipment a Pocket Scanner Barcode Reader, a Handheld Shower, a Pocket Reader RFID HF / NFC or RFID UHF. This system thus offers you an identification and traceability solution as efficient as a mobile terminal.