Recharge & connect your tablet

TabConnect range offers solutions for charging and connecting devices in USB or Bluetooth : cable and rack charging, reloading hub...

TabDrop - Station Magnétique de Charge POGO - 5 Emplacements

Magnetic Charging Station POGO

The POGO TabDrop Magnetic Charging Station recharges all models of 7 to 13 inch tablets with micro USB, USB Type connectors -C or lightning previously equipped with the POGO TabDrop Magnetic Shell.


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TabDrop - Station Magnétique de Charge POGO
TabDrop - Station Magnétique de Charge POGO - 5 Emplacements

 Solutions of charging and connection

Our TabConnect Hub allows you to charge your tablet and have USB and RJ45 connection ports. The RJ45 ethernet is ensured by the TabConnect Hub. It will allow you to overcome any WIFI connection problems. Available USB ports will ensure the connection of various USB peripherals : scanner, NFC reader, RFID reader, SD card reader, printer, keyboard... 

TabConnect - Kit Rechargement Magnétique 360 - Connecté

 360 Magnet Charge Cable

The 360 Mag Kit allows a blindly connection to your tablet.

The cable is provided with the magnetic connector, adapted to your tablet (USB, lightning, Type-C USB)

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Secure and reinforced integration enclosure

Designed  for the industrial environment, this reinforced and secure enclosure has a charging hub with USB port.

Powered by battery or plug, the hub ensures your tablet's charging and allows to connect various USB devices (scanner, printer, keyboard...)

A foam cushion system offers a perfect protection against shocks.

This VESA enclosure can be installed on TabMount mounting solutions.

TabConnect - Coque d'Intégration Sécurisée Industrielle