TabDrop is an universal magnetic mounting system allowing to fit out to your tablet all the accessories necessary to your business. 


Coque Magnétique Antichoc TabDrop

Ainsi dotée, votre tablette est parée à toutes situations : protection contre les chocs, dockage rapide sur le support adapté, accessoirisable pour la mobilité, sécurisation contre le vol, sans oublier le rechargement sans fil en option.

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Dockez votre tablette équipée de sa Coque Magnétique Antichoc sur le Support d'Accueil TabDrop adapté à votre usage et à votre environnement de travail.

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En Mobilité, customisez votre tablette en fonction de vos besoins : Poignée Stand Multifonctions, Sangle Harnais, Scanner Code Barres, Lecteur NFC...

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La Coque Magnétique Antichoc TabDrop est dotée d'un ancrage antivol, sécurisez la facilement avec un câble antivol.

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TabDrop POGO 

TabDrop POGO is an optional device of industrial connection allowing a fast docking of the tablet while preserving its connector. 


TabDrop POGO is universal and fits all the tablets equipped with a micro USB, lightning or Type-C USB charging connection. 

TabDrop POGO Interface

The tablet port (micro USB, lightning or Type-C USB) is moved to a connection disk located in the middle of the connector board POGO. 

The circular interface allows to dock the tablet on the POGO recharging support on either portrait mode or landscape mode. 

The POGO charging support can receive and recharge any tablets previously equipped by a POGO connector board. 


The TabDrop Concept


The TabDrop system is made up of a magnetic mounting system installed on the back of the tablet capable to adapt to any equipment by magnetization : strap handle, desk stand, vehicle cradle, industrial machine tools, wall mount, barcode scanner, RFID reader, external battery...

You can quickly interchange your accessories according to your need !



Compatible with Silicase


TabDrop can be adapted to the Silicase rugged case dedicated to several tablets (Samsung, Apple, Huawei, Lenovo, HP & Asus). The magnetic plate is designed to match with the protective case Silicase. 


Together, they form a solution of fastening and rugged protection with unequalled efficiency. The case is cut to let the plate gets into, while keeping intact the protectives faculties of Silicase. You also can remove the Silicase to wash it at any time. 


Your tablet is protected against shocks, place it wherever you want !

SiliCase is available for those tablets

iPad  9.7 2017/2018
iPad Mini 4 

Galaxy Tab A 10.5 2018
Galaxy Tab S4 10.5
Galaxy Tab Active 2 8.0
Galaxy Tab A6 10.1

Galaxy Tab A6 7.0
Galaxy Tab S3 9.7
Galaxy Book 

MediaPad M2 8
MediaPad M2 10
MediaPad M3 Lite 8
MediaPad M3 Lite 10
MediaPad M3 8.4
MediaPad T3 10 9.6 

Miix 310
Miix 320
Miix 510
Miix 520
Tab 4 8 

HP x2 210 G2 
Asus Transformer Book
Asus ZenPad 8.0 

A partir de 200 pces 


Compatible with TabMount 


Robust and adjustable, the TabMount range offers tablets mounting system answering to all needs and business uses. 

The TabDrop system is compatible with all the TabMount range : arms (rigid or flexible) and bases (fixed or removable). 

Combine the strenght and the flexibility of TabMount System with the ingenuity of TabDrop to create the ultimate tablet mount system !


Discover the TabMount range. 

TabDrop Support Magnétique TabMount

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TabMount Bras Basic 16 cm - Seul (Sans Base - Sans Support)

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TabMount Bras Basic 10 cm

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TabMount Bras Rallonge 9.5 cm

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TabMount Bras Flexible - iFlex 250

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TabMount Bras Flexible - iFlex 500

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TabMount Base Pince Table ou Tube à Serrer

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TabMount Base Super Pince Tube à Serrer

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TabMount Base Serre-Tube à Visser - 21mm

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TabMount Base Serre-Tube à Visser - 32

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TabMount Base VESA à Visser

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TabMount Base Rectangle AMPS à Visser

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TabMount Base Ronde à Visser - Diamètre 54 mm

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TabMount Base Pliée Rectangle à Visser - Passage Câble

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TabMount Base Ventouse

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TabMount Base à Fixer sur Rail

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TabMount Base Plate Super-Adhésive - 130-190mm

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TabMount Base à Serrer Encastrable

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Multi-functions Handle

The rotating magnetic handle offers a tablet' secure grip. Easy to use, you just have to detach the tablet from its support, bring it closer to your rotating handle and let the magnetism do !

Once your tablet is equipped with its multi-functions handle, it can follow you anywhere, safely. The handle has also a stand position instead of putting down the tablet wherever you are. 

TabDrop - Poignée Stand Magnétique 360 - Stand

Additional Accessories

The magnetic plate can adapt to many options : harness, stylus, antitheft...

Shoulder Strap Kit : Keep your hands free

Choose the shoulder strap kit option to keep your tablet close to you without cluttering up your hands. 

The shoulder strap is worn over the shoulder and keeps the tablet at the ideal distance up to go. 

The shoulder strap kit is also available with the included stylus option, maintained by a stretchable cable. 


TabDrop - Harnais pour Platine
TabDrop Système Antivol

Securing antitheft

The magnetic plate has a Kensington security slot. Then, you can use a code or key lock antitheft cable and let your tablet on free access. 

New Magnetic Supports to equip your tablet will be available soon.


Configure your TabDrop Magnetic Mounting System

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