TabDrop is an universal magnetic mounting system allowing to fit out to your tablet all the accessories necessary to your business. 


TabDrop Magnetic Rugged Case

Thanks to its Magnetic Rugged Case, your tablet is ready for any situations : shocks protection, quick docking on the suitable support, accessorizable for mobility, security against theft. You can also add the optional wireless reload.




You can dock you tablet equipped by its Magnetic Rugged Case on any TabDrop Support.



You can customize your tablet according to your needs : Multifonctions handle, harness, barcode scanner, NFC reader.



The Magnetic Rugged Case is equipped with an antitheft anchor so you can easily secure your tablet with an antitheft cable.

TabDrop - Station Magnétique de Charge POGO
TabDrop - Station Magnétique de Charge POGO - 5 Emplacements

 POGO Magnetic Recharging Station

The POGO Magnetic Recharging Station can reload any models of tablets (7" till 13" inches) with micro USB; USB Type-C or lightning connectors, equipped with the POGO TabDrop Magnetic Rugged Case. 


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