A complete solution

The magnetic system offers data protection, fixing, charging and synchronization functions to a wide range of SmartPhones and Tablets, making it an ideal solution for uses such as transport, logistics, handling and much more.

With its hardened recharging system, its POGO Protection Shells, its charging supports, its fixings and all its other accessories, simplify the organization of your fleets and the deployment of your new mobile devices.

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Our magnetic system

Protect, connect, fix

This magnetic system consists of two main elements which will allow you a total adaptability.
Equip your smartphone or tablet with our magnetic plate as well as a protective shell. Once these two elements are installed, you can take advantage of all of our fastening systems while recharging your equipment.

(This system exists with or without Pogo charging technology)


Silicase protection



Recharge with Pogo wireless technology

Our magnetic plates allow you to reload your equipment in all simplicity.
Thus equipped, your SmartPhone or Tablet can be fixed and recharged wirelessly on the Magnetic Support in a single action.
In addition to recharging our Pogo Pins technology allows you to share your files and your data.
Thanks to this plug and play technology, make your daily life easier.



universel connect

A universal solution

Our system is specially designed to ensure compatibility between all magnetic shells, load carriers and fixings present in our different ranges (Samsung, Apple and Huawei). Adopt POGO technology to protect the ports of your Smartphones against repetitive connection and disconnection.



An ecosystem adapted to your business uses

Our magnetic range adapts to all of our fastening products.
No matter your working environment or your mobility, at Tablette Store, we will be able to combine the ergonomics of our magnetic system with your fixing needs.

Business solutions





Transform your work tools


Integrate a scalable and economical solution into your business by transforming your tablets and smartphones.
Thanks to the Magnetic Adapter, you can quickly attach to your equipment a Pocket Scanner Barcode Reader, a Handheld Shower, a Pocket Reader RFID HF / NFC or RFID UHF. This system thus offers you an identification and traceability solution as efficient as a mobile terminal.

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Multiport wireless charging station

Adapted to both homogeneous and heterogeneous fleets, the Charging Station can accommodate and recharge your devices of any size and any connection. The integrated magnetic connectors allow quick blind docking "without altering the original connector of the device.

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