FoneDrop protects, fixes, transfers and charges your Smartphone in a single gesture.

Equipped with a magnetic system and POGO technology, the POGO Case protective shell attaches by magnetization to the FoneDrop supports and immediately initiates the charging and data transfer of your smartphone.

Enjoy the Fonedrop ecosystem anywhere in the office, in the car or at home.



Thus equipped, your smartphone is ready for all situations: protection against shocks, fast docking on the appropriate support, accessorizable for mobility, not to mention wireless recharging and data transfer



Just install

The POGO Case can be installed around your smartphone in seconds. Connect there and enjoy all the capabilities of this connected shell. Secure, charge, protect and transfer your data with this unique case.


FoneDrop wireless single charge


Produit fonedrop charge simple

The simple, wireless charger from FoneDrop moves before you in a simple way. In a gesture, recharge your smartphone.

Adhésif fonedrop

Our FoneDrop chargers are sold with a strong double-sided adhesive allowing you to install your charger wherever you want .

5 charge fonedrop

Do you want to charge your fleet of mobile devices safely ? Install your FoneDrop chargers in a closable drawer so that your devices recharge discreetly and efficiently during your absence .


Compatible vehicle solution


Remove the adhesive part on the back of the charger.

Position the smartphone in the place that suits you.

Take advantage of FoneDrop in your vehicle. FoneDrop is Android Auto compatible.



These FoneDrop supports adapt to your professional environment. Whether you are in the office or in a factory your FoneDrop equipment will accompany you everywhere.

FoneDrop - Chargeur POGO Pince Tube




Vehicle supports

Dock your smartphone equipped with its Shockproof Magnetic Case on the FoneDrop docking brackets suitable for your mobile use.

FoneDrop - Chargeur POGO Ventouse


FoneDrop - Chargeur POGO Pince Tableau de Bord


FoneDrop - Chargeur POGO Pince Grille Aérateur


FoneDrop - Chargeur POGO Pince Grille Aérateur 2 Stabs



Multiport wireless charging station

Adapted to both homogeneous and heterogeneous fleets, the Charging Station can accommodate and recharge your devices of any size and any connection. The integrated magnetic connectors allow quick blind docking "without altering the original connector of the device.




Increase the potential of your smartphones

 Like the possibilities we offer you on tablets, these are also available on smartphones. Just as easily, adapt your different RFID equipment or barcode reader with a simple gesture on your smartphones. No longer force your employees to use several different mobile terminals. With our mobile solutions, you can considerably improve the productivity of your teams, and do so with the least effort.

Fonedrop set with adapter and scanner. 

Magnetic Extension Adapter

POGO Universal Magnetic Board - Wireless Charging

FoneDrop assembled with adapter and scanner.




A standalone barcode reader


With our magnetic system, attach a smartphone to your hand shower allowing you to efficiently read your bar codes without any mobility restrictions.




Tour de cou

Simple et efficace nos tours de cou s’ajoutent aux coques FoneDrop.