360 Magnetic POGO Stand Flip

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Equipped with its POGO magnetic support, the 360 POGO Magnetic Flip Stand allows a quick docking of your tablet. It can be adapted to any work environment thanks to its 360-degree rotation and reclining head. 
To learn more about TabDrop's possibilities, visit the "Products - Magnetic System" TabDrop page.

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Thanks to its POGO magnetic support, quickly dock your tablet equipped with its Magnetic Shock Shell on this Home Stand adapted to your use and your work environment. 
Your tablet will be immediately charged with the support's POGO connector.

This model also exists without the charging connector.



90° Inclination

The head of the stand allows the tilt of the tablet at 90 degrees, making it easier to interact with your customers. 

360° Rotation 


The base of the support allows a rotation of 360 degrees. 


Fix and Detach quickly

Placed on the back of your tablet, the super-adhesive magnetic plate allows you to fix your tablet your tablet as quick as easily.
You just have to approach the tablet of the TabDrop support, it will cling immediately thanks to the magnetism.


Complete your tablet or smartphone equipment

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