Magnetic Rugged Case

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The Magnectic Rugged Case is composed of a SiliCase Rugged Case and a magnetic plate. Thus equipped, your tablet is ready for any situation : shock protection, quick docking on the adapted support, accessorizable for mobility, security against theft,  without forgetting the optional wireless charging. 
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An unequalled efficiency

The magnetic plate is designed to match with the Silicase Rugged Case. Together, they form a mounting and a protective solution. The rugged case is cut to let the plate pass while keeping the protective facilities of the Silicase intact. You can also remove the Silicase rugged case to wash it at any time. 
Protect your tablet from shocks and fix it wherever you want quickly. 


A rugged case made for professionals

Designed and tested to protect your tablet from falls and shocks, the Silicase Rugged Case extends your tablet's shelf life. 
Made with a very high-density Silicone material, it offers a maximum protection to your tablet to make it almost invulnerable. 

Placed on the corners of the Silicase, the bumpers protect the screen in case of a fall. 
Provide an absolute protection with Silicase ultra-resistant tempered glass. 

Silicase is also non-skid and offers a secure handgrip. Made for an optimal user comfort, Silicase can't slip from your hands. And if that was the case, your tablet would come intact ! 


Fix and Detach quickly

Placed on the back of your tablet, the super-adhesive magnetic plate allows you to fix your tablet your tablet as quick as easily.
You just have to approach the tablet of the TabDrop support, it will cling immediately thanks to the magnetism.

Option : the magnetic plate also exists in POGO connected version.

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Extreme Magnetization

The magnetic plate is made up of 4 neodymium magnets that are the most powerful in the market. The 4 magnets have a diameter of 15 mm each and can support a 1,9 kg strength which offers a perfect balance between fixation and ease of use : your tablet will never fall on the ground and you will have any trouble to remove it from the support. 


Long-lasting guarantee, the adhesive fixation of the plate can also withstand strong forces and doesn't weaken over time. The magnetic plate will remain securely anchored to the back of your tablet no matter what. 


Wireless charging (optional) 


The wireless charging system (TabDrop Pogo) is an optional connection device for a fast docking of the tablet while preserving its connector.

TabDrop Pogo is universal and can be adapted to any tablets of the market equipped with a micro USB, lightning or USB type-C charging connector.


TabDrop POGO 

The tablet connector (USB Type-C, micro USB or lightning)  is deported to a connection disc, located into the center of the magnetic plate.

The circular interface allows to dock the tablet on the POGO support in portrait or landscape and to ensure the charging and the transfer of data.
The Wireless charging cradle can accommodate and recharge without distinction all tablets equipped with a POGO plate

TabDrop - Station Magnétique de Charge POGO
TabDrop - Station Magnétique de Charge POGO - 5 Emplacements

 POGO Magnetic Recharging Station

The POGO Magnetic Recharging Station can reload any models of tablets (7" till 13" inches) with micro USB; USB Type-C or lightning connectors, equipped with the POGO TabDrop Magnetic Rugged Case. 



La Coque Magnétique Antichoc TabDrop est dotée d'un ancrage antivol. Sécurisez la facilement avec un câble antivol.


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