Precision Stylus P701 - Retractable Tip

Reference :19050017

Keyboard / Stylus

Dagi P701 precision stylus is compatible for all tablets on the market with a capacitive touchscreen.


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Comfort and Precision

The DAGI Stylus, which looks like a classic pen, has a small and thin tip, on which is clipped a transparent 5 mm circle. This circle allows contact with the touch screen but its transparency won't interfere its use.
In addition, its 1mm tip allows you to be extremely accurate in your note-taking or drawing.
Thanks to its comfortable and precise use, you'll feel like to have a real pen in your hand !

The tip of the P701 is retractable by turning the stylus. Therefore, there is no risk of damaging or breaking the tip.

The P702 is made of aluminium and is therefore very robust while remaining lightweight and ideal for everyday uses. It's compatible with all capacitive touchscreen tablets.