Rotate Cover 360 iPad Air

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Rugged Case

Rotate Cover 360 protects your iPad Air against shocks and theft. It is also equipped of a 360 ° rotary function (portrait / landscape) and a stand position

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The rotate cover 360 protects your tablet from shocks and falls.

The frame of the case is reinforced, allowing your tablet to remain in place to any cirscontance.
A resilient elastic helps to keep the case closed.

Thanks to its folding flap, the case can be transformed into a real office stand, providing you an optimum comfort.

TabSafe - Rotate Cover 360
Rotate Cover 360 A6 10.1

360° Rotating System


Switch from portrait mode to landscape mode easily and quickly thanks to the 360 ° rotating system of the case. 


Optional Security

The rotate cover 360 protective case allows you to secure your tablet.
To do this, you just have to stick a super-adhesive anti-theft plate and add the anti-theft cable of your choice.

Rotate Cover 360 avec câble de sécurité