Scanner Adapter & NFC Reader

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Magnetic System

The Scanner Adapter & NFC Reader can be fixed directly to the tablet equipped with its TabDrop Magnetic Rugged Case.
To learn more about our TabDrop solution, go to the Products- Magnetic Mounting.

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The Scanner Adapter and NFC Reader is a mobility accessory from our TabDrop range.
Thanks to the 4 magnets, it can be fixed very quickly and easily on the Magnetic Rugged Case. 


Fix and Detach quickly

Placed on the back of your tablet, the super-adhesive magnetic plate allows you to fix your tablet your tablet as quick as easily.
You just have to approach the tablet of the TabDrop support, it will cling immediately thanks to the magnetism.

Option : the magnetic plate also exists in POGO connected version.

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Extreme Magnetization

The magnetic plate is made up of 4 neodymium magnets that are the most powerful in the market. The 4 magnets have a diameter of 15 mm each and can support a 1,9 kg strength which offers a perfect balance between fixation and ease of use : your tablet will never fall on the ground and you will have any trouble to remove it from the support. 


Long-lasting guarantee, the adhesive fixation of the plate can also withstand strong forces and doesn't weaken over time. The magnetic plate will remain securely anchored to the back of your tablet no matter what. 

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Complete your tablet or smartphone equipment

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