Self-retractable Tablet Support - 7" to 10.5" inches

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The self-retractable Tablet clip support allows you to fix your tablet from 7 to 10.5 inches very efficiently.


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The self-retractable tablet clip is a discreet and robust support. You can easily anchor and remove your tablet. You can, for example, using it into your car, it will allow to keep your tablet nearby when you are on the move.

Thanks to the AMPS adaptor provided (see above), you can fix the support on an arm and a base of the TabMount range. At the end of the page, you can find the configurator to build your customized TabMount system.

Attache Tablette Auto-retract face

Technical Specification

• Length : min 22cm / max 35cm

• Width : 8cm

• Depth : 35mm

• Weight : 140g

• Matter : Plastic

• Color : Black and White


TabMount Mounting System

The support is the last element of the TabMount System, this is the one that accomodates your tablet. The selff-retractable support is this element.
But before installing your tablet into the case, you have to position it on the arm by using the AMPS system.

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The arm is the element that allows the adjustment of the tablet or smartphone in the desired position. Flexible or rigid, with an extension or not, you have a large choice of arms according to your needs.

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Finally, the arm is fixed on a base. Again, you have a large choice of bases : fixed bases, removable bases, screwed bases... The base is the anchor point of the system. You can place it almost everywhere : on a desk, in your vehicle, on a wall, on a window...


Design your TabMount Mounting System

Click on the button below to choose the elements of your TabMount fixing system :