Silicase Rugged Case Galaxy Tab A 10.5 (2018)

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Rugged Case

Silicase is the reference for protective rugged case. Whether you work indoors or outdoors, in extreme environments or not, whether you are on the move or in your office, the Silicase rugged case will be there to save your Galaxy Tab A 10.5 if needed!

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A rugged case made for professionals

Designed and tested to protect your tablet from falls and shocks, the Silicase Rugged Case extends your tablet's shelf life. 
Made with a very high-density Silicone material, it offers a maximum protection to your tablet to make it almost invulnerable. 

Placed on the corners of the Silicase, the bumpers protect the screen in case of a fall. 
Provide an absolute protection with Silicase ultra-resistant tempered glass. 

Silicase is also non-skid and offers a secure handgrip. Made for an optimal user comfort, Silicase can't slip from your hands. And if that was the case, your tablet would come intact ! 


Light and Functional



The Silicase Rugged Case is easy to use : thanks to its flexibility it is simple to set it up on your tablet.
Its also keeps its shape no matter what !

APN Button Access 

Amplified Sound 

Thanks to its 2 cm thickness and a weight of 260 grams, the Silicase Rugged Case offers an optimum protection without being too bulky.
The tablet remains fully functional. The micro-USB, the On/Off button or the volum button are easily accessible.
Moreover, the apertures at the speaker level redirect and amplify the sound of your tablet. 



A special location for the stylus is provided on the back of the Silicase. The interior of the Silicase has a "honeycomb" structure to avoid the tablet's overheating. Finally, if you work in a dirty environment, you can wash the rugged case regurlarly. 


Fully Adjustable

Silicase is also a customizable rugged case. If you want to take your tablet anywhere with you, secure it against theft or keep it charged permanently, go to the configurator at the bottom of this page to choose your optional functionalities. 

Take your tablet everywhere 

Add a harness or a handle to carry your tablet wherever you are. The harness allows to wear your tablet over the shoulder and have it anywhere with you, while the rotating handle offers you an easy and secure grip. 


Rotating Handle



Magnetic Reloading

If you need to keep your tablet charged 24/7, choose the magnetic charging option which will protect your device's connector.

Mounting and securing

It is possible to attach your tablet with its Silicase Rugged Case on a TabMount fixing system to expose it in your store or have it handy in your vehicle.
If you want to protect your tablet from theft, we can adapt the rugged case to be able to place an anti-theft plate on the back of the tablet. Then you can choose a code or key cable lock or the 2-in-1 version with a USB charging cable. 

Fixation Support rempli


SiliCase Antivol


Antivol 2 en 1 Rechargement

Anti-theft + Recharge

For more resistance 

For an infallible protection of the screen, you can add an ultra-shock-resistant tempered glass. No risk of seeing a crack or a scratch appear !

Compatible with TabDrop Magnetic Mounting

SiliCase can be adapted to our Magnetic Mounting solution. The Rugged Case is specifically drilled to allow the magnetic plate to pass through the back of the tablet. 

Learn more about TabDrop here

Silicase customizable accessories

Discover our selection of customizable accessories :

Protect your tablet screen with a TabSafe tempered glass.
Carry your tablet everywhere thanks to the mobility equipment : harness and 360 handle.
Install your tablet anywhere with our TabMount system. 
Secure your tablet with an anti-theft plate and a TabLock cable.
Reload your tablet thanks to our TabConnect magnetic charging system. 

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Technical Specification

  • Length : 27,5cm

  • Width : 17,7cm

  • Depth : 22mm (Bumpers : 24mm / Bottom : 2mm)

  • Weight : 300g

  • Matter : Silicone

  • Color : Black


Configure your Silicase Rugged Case

Choose opposite the options for your Silicase Rugged Case :


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