Tablet Clip Support - 7 to 11 inches

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The Marvo Tablet clip supports the tablet with its rugged case or not. Convenient to use, it is compatible with all the arms and bases of our TabMount range.

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Light and simple

The tablet clip support is the ideal solution to accomodate your tablet from 7" to 11" inches. Thanks to a system of adjustable fasteners, it can support all tablet of these dimensions.
The tablet clip is really discreet and light : only 280 grams. 


Express Installation

The installation of the tablet clip support is very easy and quick. Hook it to an arm and a base of our TabMount range, fix the base on an suitable surface, then adjust the fasteners to the dimensions of your tablet. 


Technical Specification

  • Length : 19,5cm

  • Width : 13cm

  • Depth : 50mm (avec base AMPS au dos)

  • Weight : 180g

  • Include : Tablet Clip Support, 5 attachments, 5 screws


TabMount Mounting System


The Tablet Clip Support is a part of the TabMount system. This is the third element that you need for your TabMount Mounting Solution.

Before installing your device in the support, you have to position the support on the adapted arm. The AMPS attachment system provided helps you to realize this task.

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The arm is the element that allows the adjustment of the tablet or smartphone in the desired position. Flexible or rigid, with an extension or not, you have a large choice of arms according to your needs.

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Finally, the arm is fixed on a base. Again, you have a large choice of bases : fixed bases, removable bases, screwed bases... The base is the anchor point of the system. You can place it almost everywhere : on a desk, in your vehicle, on a wall, on a window...

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Design your TabMount Mounting System

Click on the button below to choose the elements of your TabMount fixing system : 


Complete your tablet or smartphone equipment

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