Tempered Glass Asus ZenPad 8.0 Z380

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Screen Protector

Pro-Impact Tempered Glass protects the screen of your Asus ZenPad 8.0 Z380 from shocks, scratches and dirts without interfering with the touchscreen sensitivity.


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High Solidity

The TabSafe Tempered Glass protects your tablet screen with unrivalled efficiency. It is hardest and more resistant than any other screen protector on the market. It protects the integrity of your touchscreen in all circumstances.

Made with a Japanese technology, the Tempered Glass has a 9h hardness index which is twice harder than a classic tempered glass. It is also 9 times more resistant than the glass of your tablet.

The Tempered Glass can absorb important shocks to protect the screen. It is also impossible to scratch it : the blade of a cutter slides without leaving any trace !


Haute Resistance



9H hardness index

TabSafe - Verre Trempé 4 couches


1- Oilfree layer
2- Premium tempered glass layer
3- AB Epoxy glue layer
4- Adhesive protection layer 

Comfort of use

Thanks to the super-adhesive lower layer of the Tempered Glass, the installation on the tablet is simple and lasting. The air is hunted very easily upon contact with the glass so there is no risk of seeing bubbles appear.

The Tempered Glass doesn't alter the sensitivity of the touchscreen. It is particularly pleasant to touch : its edges are polished and curved so that your fingers can't cling during the use of the tablet.
The outer layer is specifically treated to make it non-adhesive to fats and dirts of any kind. Your Tempered Glass will remain clean.

Verre Trempé Galaxy Tab E 9.6

Installation without Bubbles

Touchscreen Sensibility




Special Packaging

The tempered glass guarantees a foolproof protection against shocks once in place on the tablet or smartphone, but remains fragile until it has been installed. For this reason, it is delivered in a special packaging designed to prevent the risk of breakage.


TabSafe - SafePack

Full Protection with SiliCase

This TabSafe Tempered Glass is compatible with all our rugged case. 
To ensure a full protection of your tablet, we recommend our silicone-reinforced rugged case, SiliCase. 

Silicase Tab A6 10.1 Vue Éclatée