VESA Secured Case 9" to 11" inches

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Supplied with its TabMount adapter, the Vesa secured case for your Tablet from 9" to 11" inches while it is free access.

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Ergonomic and secured

The Vesa Secured Case allows to expose your tablet from 9" to 10" inches in free access safely. It is made of PVC and has a powder coated steel facade. It lets the Wi-Fi waves pass so that you can connect your tablet to wireless Internet. Thanks to its neat and modern finish, you can place it into your workplace via the TabMount mounting system. Finally, it effectively protects your tablet from theft through a key lock system.

Fixation Support rempli

Fixing system

Ondes WIfi Coque VESA

Wireless Internet

Key locking


Key Locking


The VESA Case has flawless security. Once your tablet is in, close the case with the faceplate, then lock it with the supplied key.

The tablet cannot be removed from there. You can also add a key or code antitheft to the Kensington slot on the back of the case for maximum security.




You can customize your secured case : You can leave all the functionalities of your tablet in the sight of your customers or, on the contrary, hide them (Home button, camera...)

To ensure an optimal safety, you can also choose to protect the screen of your tablet with an ultra-resistant tempered glass.

Finally, the Vesa Secured Case is supplied with a conversion kit : a foam that maintains the tablet. If you decide to change your tablet model, you only have to change the foam to adapt the case to your new device.

Coque Sécurisée VESA 9 à 10.1 pouces

Technical Specification

  • Length : 31cm

  • Width : 21,7cm

  • Depth : 29mm

  • Weight : 740g

  • Matter : PVC, Powder coated steel

  • Color : Black

  • Include : VESA Secured Case + Keys


TabMount Mounting System


The support is the last element of the TabMount System, this is the one that accomodates your tablet. The VESA Secured Case is this element. But before installing your tablet into the case, you have to position it on the arm by using the AMPS system

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The arm is the element that allows the adjustment of the tablet or smartphone in the desired position. Flexible or rigid, with an extension or not, you have a large choice of arms according to your needs.

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Finally, the arm is fixed on a base. Again, you have a large choice of bases : fixed bases, removable bases, screwed bases... The base is the anchor point of the system. You can place it almost everywhere : on a desk, in your vehicle, on a wall, on a window...


Design your TabMount Mounting System

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