At the tip of the writing

The stylus is the essential accessory for your tablet to hang notes or draw with precision, without risking damaging the screen of your tablet .

Offer yourself the possibility of integrating a keyboard on your tablet in order to offer you the possibilities of a laptop while preserving mobility a touch pad.

TabConnect - Stylet Écriture

Signature Stylus

Thanks to its rounded and flexible silicone tip, this stylus allows you to reproduce finger pressure and have smooth navigation on your tablet screen while avoiding the risk of scratches and fingerprints.
Compatible with all tablets, this stylus is perfect for everyday use.
Add our etiro cord (sold separately) to keep your stylus close at hand!



TabConnect - Dagi P702

P602 / P702 / P701 Precision Stylus

The Precision stylus, which looks like a classic pen, has a small fine point, on which is clipped a transparent circle of 5mm .
This circle allows contact with the touch screen but its transparency will not hinder its use.
In addition, its 1 mm tip will allow you to be extremely precise in taking notes or drawing.
Thanks to its comfortable and precise use, you will have the impression of having a real pen in hand!




Active Stylus for ultra-precision

The active styluses are equipped with an electrical technology allowing an ultra-precise drawing, taking of notes or drawing. The styluses have a built-in battery that recharges very easily and quickly.
In addition, it turns off automatically when it is no longer used.
For its use, simply touch the screen for the contact to be taken into account.



TabConnect - Stylet Actif 2mm

Bluetooth Keyboard Case - 9 to 10 inches

Turn your tablet into a real notebook. Thin and light, the TabConnect keyboard case also provides protection against bumps, scratches and splashes.