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TabSafe Protection

We propose you a full protection kit to protect your tablet : Silicase Rugged Case, Tempered Glass, Harness...


Harnais TabSafe en Main

TabMount Fixing Solution

TabMount offers protection, mobility and security thanks to a rugged case, an antitheft system and a mounting system.

This is the perfect solution for your forklifts

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TabMount - Usage Entrepôt

Charging Solutions

Tablette Store proposes you many charging solutions that allow a permanent charging of your tablet

360 Magnet Charge Cable

The Magnet Charge allows you to connect your tablet blindly to its charging cable. 
360 cable also preserves the connector port of your tablet.

This cable is provided with the magnetic connector, adapted to your tablet (USB, Lightning, Type-C USB)

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Magnetic Charging Cradle

It can be fixed anywhere and offers a charging solution for your tablet.

Discover all our magnetic charging cradle supports models below :

7" till 8" Portrait    7" till 8" - Landscape    9" till  10" - Portrait 

TabConnect - Berceau 7 à 8 pouces Rechargement Magnétique

Magnetic Charging Rack

The charging rack ensures simultaneously the charging of 6 tablets. You just have to insert your tablets inside, they immediately charge

    5" till  6"            7" till  8"            9" till  10"