Shockproof tested,
Dedicated to any kind of uses !

TabSafe offers you several ranges of rugged cases : SiliCase and ALLinCase for tablets and FoneCase for smartphones.

SiliCase is an ultimate case : anti-shock, skid-proof, flexible, not deformable, washable and removable. 

ALLinCase is a overequipped rugged case : rotating handle, harness, stand...

Rotate Cover is a 3-in-1 case: protection, rotating system and anti-theft security.

FlipCase and SchoolCase protect your tablet from dust and possible shocks





SiliCase is strengthened by bumpers on the front side for an optimal protection.



Silicase is a non-deformable silicon and easily comes to its original form.



The protective shell is non-slip for a nice and secure grip.

Silicase Tab A6 10.1 Vue Face
Silicase lévitation 2


SiliCase is suitable for the hospital environment: it supports machine/antiseptic washing, it is sterilizable.


The interior of the SiliCase has a "honeycomb" structure to avoid the tablet's overheating

Son Amplifié

Amplified Sound

SiliCase is equipped with apertures at the speaker level that amplify the sound and redirect it to the user.

Hygiene standards

Thanks to our Silicase shock protection shells, ensure optimal hygiene for the breasts of your care services. Our shells can be removed and installed in seconds to allow you to clean them.

Option : Signature Stylus

The SiliCase Rugged Case is designed to accomodate your tablet's stylus. thanks to the stretched cord attached to the SiliCase and the stylus, you will never lose it.




The Magnectic Rugged Case is composed of a SiliCase Rugged Case and a magnetic plate. Thus equipped, your tablet is ready for any situation : shock protection, quick docking on the adapted support, accessorizable for mobility, security against theft,  without forgetting the optional wireless charging. 

The magnetic plate is designed to match with the Silicase Rugged Case. Together, they form a mounting and a protective solution.

The rugged case is cut to let the plate pass while keeping the protective facilities of the Silicase intact. You can also remove the Silicase rugged case to wash it at any time. 

Protect your tablet from shocks and fix it wherever you want quickly. 


Fix and Detach quickly

Placed on the back of your tablet, the super-adhesive magnetic plate allows you to fix your tablet your tablet as quick as easily.
You just have to approach the tablet of the TabDrop support, it will cling immediately thanks to the magnetism.

Option : the magnetic plate also exists in POGO connected version.









 360° Rotation

Desk Position

Velcro Handle 

Totale Ergonomics

Even if the ALLinCase rugged case is designed for restrictive environments, it's still ergonomics. Every functionnalities are easily accessible : home button, front and rear cameras, speakers...
The volume keys and On/Off button can be easily manipulated through the rugged case.
Finally, the stand option allows to place your tablet everywhere.


 Optional : 4-strand Shoulder Strap

The shoulder strap is an optional accessory of portability to carry your tablet previously equipped with its ALLinCase rugged case.
Thanks to its 4 strands placed in the notches of the rugged case, the shoulder strap allows you to keep your hands free while having your tablet at your disposal.

Optional : Magnets

The shoulder strap is specially designed to accomodate 4 magnets. Thus placed on the shoulder strap, the magnets allow you to hang your tablet on any magnetic surface.

Option : Stylus 

If you choose the 4-strand strap strap, a stylus holder is built into the strap to accommodate the stylus hanging from its stretch cord.




 360° Rotation 

 Desk Position

SiliCase Antivol



The rotate cover 360° protects your tablet from shocks and falls.

The frame of the case is reinforced, allowing your tablet to remain in place to any cirscontance. 
A resilient elastic helps to keep the case closed.

Thanks to its folding flap, the case can be transformed into a real office stand, providing you an optimum comfort.

You also can switch from portrait mode to landscape mode easily and quickly thanks to the 360 ° rotating system of the case. 


Optional Security

The rotate cover 360 protective case allows you to secure your tablet.
To do this, you just have to stick a super-adhesive anti-theft plate and add the anti-theft cable of your choice.

Rotate Cover 360 avec câble de sécurité



The FlipCase protection case protects your tablet from possible shocks and falls.
The frame of the case is reinforced, allowing your tablet to remain in place in all cirscontance.
Its magnetic closure allows to keep the case closed on your tablet. 




Specially designed for school use, the SchoolCase protective case protects your tablet from shocks and falls.
The frame of the case is reinforced, allowing your tablet to stay in place in all cirscontance.

A strong elastic keeps the case closed.

In addition, thanks to its folding clasp, the case also transforms itself into a real office stand, giving you the best comfort of use.

You can also drag your tablet stylus into the stylus holder built into the case.