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Dedicated to any kind of uses !

TabSafe offers you several ranges of rugged cases : SiliCase and ALLinCase for tablets and FoneCase for smartphones.

SiliCase is an ultimate case : anti-shock, skid-proof, flexible, not deformable, washable and removable. 

ALLinCase is a overequipped rugged case : rotating handle, harness, stand...

FoneCase is a case for smartphone as discreet as it is resistant.

SiliCase Crash

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The reference protection case for tablets



SiliCase is strengthened by bumpers on the front side for an optimal protection.



Silicase is a non-deformable silicon and easily comes to its original form.



The protective shell is non-slip for a nice and secure grip.

Silicase lévitation 2


SiliCase is suitable for the hospital environment: it supports machine/antiseptic washing, it is sterilizable.


The interior of the SiliCase has a "honeycomb" structure to avoid the tablet's overheating

Son Amplifié

Amplified Sound

SiliCase is equipped with apertures at the speaker level that amplify the sound and redirect it to the user.


Silicase GlassTech

This pack is composed by a SiliCase and a tempered glass. 

This ultra-resistant tempered glass is easy to install and handles shocks that the screen of your tablet can endure.

Silicase Glasstech guarantees the highest protection of your tablet.

Silicase Tab A6 10.1 Vue Éclatée

Many options

SiliCase was designed to combine with many accessories. 
You can add a shoulder harness, a handle, an antitheft system, a magnetic recharging cable... Many possibilities for you. Click below to discover them.




100% Overequipped


ALLinCase offre une protection maximale contre les impacts et les chutes. C’est une coque en plastique rigide qui absorbe toutefois parfaitement les chocs grâce à sa couche externe en silicone plus flexible. Des bumpers antichocs placés dans les coins viennent également contribuer à la protection de la tablette.




Rotation 360

Position Stand 

Poignée Scratch 


Totale Ergonomics

Even if the ALLinCase rugged case is designed for restrictive environments, it's still ergonomics. Every functionnalities are easily accessible : home button, front and rear cameras, speakers...
The volume keys and On/Off button can be easily manipulated through the rugged case.
Finally, the stand option allows to place your tablet everywhere.


 Optional : 4-strand Shoulder Strap

The shoulder strap is an optional accessory of portability to carry your tablet previously equipped with its ALLinCase rugged case.
Thanks to its 4 strands placed in the notches of the rugged case, the shoulder strap allows you to keep your hands free while having your tablet at your disposal.

Optional : Magnets

The shoulder strap is specially designed to accomodate 4 magnets. Thus placed on the shoulder strap, the magnets allow you to hang your tablet on any magnetic surface.



The smartphone protection

TabSafe - Coque Antichoc FoneCase


The FoneCase rugged case has two protective layers : a flexible synthetic rubber (TPU) layer for shocks and a polycarbonate (PC) layer for a rigid and solid case. 

Combined with a tempered glass, the FoneCase will give you a high quality level of protection. 


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