An adapted solution for all uses




Office  solutions

Magnetic charging dock, Mounting, Fixing
Keypad Case, Protective Cover
Charing and Connection Hub, USB Peripherals...





Vehicle Solutions

Mounting system : dashboard, windshield, cup-holder...
Magnetic Charging Cradle Support, Cigarette lighter... 




Point of Sale Solutions

Floor Stand Kiosk, Counter Kiosk, Wall Kiosk...




Warehouse Solutions

Rugged Case, Tempered Glass, Harness
Mounting System, Antitheft




 Showroom & Exhibition Solutions


Counter Kiosk, Floor Stand Kiosk, Wall Kiosk
Antitheft, Protection & Portability Solution




All terrain solutions

Rugged Case, Tempered Glass, Harness




 Hospital & EHPAD Solutions

Hospital Staff Solutions : trolley antitheft, anti-shock protection, harness...
Patients Solutions : Mobile Kiosk on Infusion Stand, Antitheft...