ALLinCase Rugged Case iPad Pro 12.9 2018

Reference :19040010

Rugged Case

The ALLinCase Rugged Case for your iPad Pro 12.9 (2018) is rock solid. Thanks to an outer layer of silicone and a reinforced plastic frame, it takes the blows tirelessly. The rugged case offers many functions : Stand & 360° Rotating Handle. 

Additional Options : 
-  2-strand Shoulder Strap
-  4-strand Shoulder Strap
-  4-strand Shoulder Strap + 4 Magnets

€27.25 Exc. tax.

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An ultra-resistant case made for outside environments

Portability is the first advantage of the ALLinCase Rugged Case. Its place is in outside environment : on a construction site, in a factory, in nature... It is equipped of an adjustable rotating handle on the back that facilitates the grip in all circumstances. The optional harness attaches to the corners of the rugged case to allow the tablet to be worn on the shoulder. 

ALLinCase is an over-equipped rugged case made for professionals who need to take their tablet anywhere with them !


Infallible Protection

ALLinCase offers a maximal protection against impacts and falls. Thanks to its rigid plastic material and its flexible silicone layer, the rugged case protects perfectly your tablet. Moreover, the shockproof bumpers, placed in the corners, contrinute to even more protection. You can also add a tempered glass to protect your tablet's screen.


The external layer is made fo soft silicone to which are added shockproof bumpers in the corners.

You can add a hyper-resistant tempered glass in order to get a perfect screen protection. 


Totale Ergonomics

Even if the ALLinCase rugged case is designed for restrictive environments, it's still ergonomics. Every functionnalities are easily accessible : home button, front and rear cameras, speakers...
The volume keys and On/Off button can be easily manipulated through the rugged case.
Finally, the stand option allows to place your tablet everywhere.


 Optional : 4-strand Shoulder Strap

The shoulder strap is an optional accessory of portability to carry your tablet previously equipped with its ALLinCase rugged case.
Thanks to its 4 strands placed in the notches of the rugged case, the shoulder strap allows you to keep your hands free while having your tablet at your disposal.

Optional : Magnets

The shoulder strap is specially designed to accomodate 4 magnets. Thus placed on the shoulder strap, the magnets allow you to hang your tablet on any magnetic surface.

Option : Stylus 

If you choose the 4-strand strap strap, a stylus holder is built into the strap to accommodate the stylus hanging from its stretch cord.