Floor Stand Kiosk

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Floor Stand Kiosk

The FreeStanding Kiosk is an indispensable tool for your tablet or iPad for your agency or point of sale. It also can be useful during events and exhibitions. Thanks to an elegant and simple design, it spreads your digital contents to your clients.

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Secure FreeStanding Kiosk for Tablets/iPad


The FreeStanding Kiosk is a secure kiosk designed to improve interactivity with your customers by spreading your digital contents to them. It is suitable to any point of sale, agency or lobby, whether permanently or not. The assembly / disassembly is easy and quick. The Kiosk is also easily transportable. It is therefore useful for a temporary exhibition or event, but you can also screw the base on the ground for a long time. 

With a 1-meter-height and a 45° inclination, the floor stand kiosk is ideal to consult the tablet.
Made of ABS plastic injection, it lets the WIFI waves pass, thus allows the device to be connected to wireless Internet.

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A design and modern Floor Stand Kiosk

The FreeStanding Kiosk is made from high quality material and has a neat and modern finish. It is as pleasant to the eye as to the touch thanks to its coated steel frame and rounded edges. Available in white or black, it fits perfectly on your point of sale or your stand at an event.

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Secure your tablet / iPad

The Floor Stand Kiosk is highly secured and protect your tablet from theft. First, the case is locked by a key : lock it with the "push and lock" system, thus it is impossible to remove the tablet. You just have to use the key to unlock it.

Then, the base of the floor stand kiosk is 11 kg weighted with a powder-coated steel pedestal. It also ensures the stability of the installation.

You can also add an anti-theft cable to your freestanding kiosk. A Kensington-type slot is provided at the foot of the bollard. 

Key locking

Weighted Base




Secure and scalable bollard

Each TabStore Security Kiosk is supplied with a conversion kit, that is to say, foam cushioning placed inside the protective case. They allow to keep the tablet in position. This kit is adapted to the dimensions of your tablet. If you decide to change your tablet, you just have to order a new conversion kit on our website. 


Customize your security kiosk

The FreeStanding Kiosk adapts itself to your needs. Choose the Switch Cuff for a screen rotation or a tempered glass to protect the screen of your tablet. 


Accessible Functionalities

You can choose the shape of the insert frame located under the facade in order to let the access to the Home Button and to the Webcam or not.
On your request, we also can drill a hole to have access to the ON/OFF Button and / or the audio port


TabConnect Integration Module

The TabConnect Integration Module is positioned on the back of the security kiosk. It includes a Hub that allows you to add a barcode scanner and / or a NFC Reader to read a cart or take payments.
The Hub also allows USB charging and can provide a stable connection to the Internet via an Ethernet cable.


An ultimate protection with a Tempered Glass

You can add an ultra-resistant Tempered Glass on the screen of your tablet to protect it against scratches and shocks.


Switch Cuff

The switch cuff is placed on the back of the case to allow a 90° rotation of the tablet and thus to be able to switch between landscape and portrait mode.


Technical Specification :

  • Height of the foot : 105cm

  • Diameter of the foot : 4,2cm

  • Base Dimensions : 39*39cm

  • Base Weight : 11kg

  • Matter : powder-coated steel, ABS plastic injection

  • Color : Black or White

Complete your tablet or smartphone equipment

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