FoneCase Rugged Case Huawei P10

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Rugged Case

The FoneCase rugged case provides maximum protection for your Huawei P10. Efficient and ergonomic, FoneCase has a sleek design and a pleasant grip.

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Minimalist Design, Full Protection

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Thanks to its two layers of protection, the FoneCase Rugged Case protects your smartphone against shocks and falls.
The first layer, made of synthetic rubber, absorbs the blows. The second layer, made of polycarbonate, rigidifies the rugged case. Together, they offer to your smartphone, an unparalleled protection that you can use in the most extreme environments.

We also recommend to add a tempered glass (opposite) to ensure an infallible protection of the screen against scratches and dirts. 


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Sober and Effective

The Rugged Case has a neat finish and a matte color. It only weigh 40g and has a thickness of 2mm. Despite its rigidity, you won't have any difficulty to put it on your smartphone : it clips on it without even forcing !

FoneCase is non-slip and has a pleasant touching. Your smartphone won't escape from your hands ! All the functionalities of the mobile phone remain accessible : charging port, speakers, camera... The On / Off button and volume keys are raised and convenients to use. 



Ports, Buttons Access 



Smartphone Mounting


Thanks to TabMount mounting system, you can fix your smartphone equipped with its FoneCase wherever you want. Configure your mounting system by indicating your smartphone model and choose a support, an arm and a bse adapted to your needs (in a vehicule, on a desk...)


Technical Specifications : 


• Length : 15.1cm

• Width : 7.6cm

• Thickness : 2mm (Sides : 12mm)

• Weight : 40g

• Matter : PVC

• Color : Black