Multi-function Handle

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PortabilityMagnetic System

The magnetic multi-function handle is an accessory for the portabilty of your tablet. You can fix it by a simple touch to your tablet equipped with its magnetic plate. This multi-function handle offers you a pleasant and secure grip.
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TabDrop - Poignée Stand Magnétique 360 avec Main
TabDrop - Harnais pour Platine

Ultimate Portability

The rotating magnetic handle offers a secure hand-grip of the tablet. Easy to use, you just have to unclip the tablet from its welcome stand and to approach your rotating handle to it, the magnetism will do. The tablet is firmly anchored in your hand. 

Secure and easy grip

Fully adjustable to the size of your hand, the magnetic handle offers you a comfort of use and reduces the risk of falling.
Take your tablet anywhere with you safely. 

TabDrop - Poignée Stand Magnétique 360 avec Main


The magnetic plate can rotate at 360° to switch between portrait and landscape mode easily.
It also has a folding stand option so you can transform the handle into a real desk stand to be installed on a work surface. 

Harness Kit : keep your hand free

Choose the harness kit option to keep your tablet close to you without cluttering up your hands.
The harness wears overs the shoulder and keeps the tablet at an ideal distance from you when you use it.


TabDrop - Harnais pour Platine

Technical Specification

  • Length : 14cm

  • Width : 8,5cm

  • Depth : 3cm

  • Weight : 60g

  • 4 neodymium magnets / diameter 15mm / supports 1,9kg each


Create your magnetic mounting system :


TabDrop allows you to fix your tablet or smartphone anywhere.
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