Silicase Rugged Case Galaxy Tab Active Pro 10.1

Reference :19110001

Rugged Case

Silicase is the reference for protective rugged case. Whether you work indoors or outdoors, in extreme environments or not, whether you are on the move or in your office, the Silicase rugged case will be there to save your Galaxy Tab A 10.1 if needed!

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A rugged case made for professionals

Designed and tested to protect your tablet from falls and shocks, the Silicase Rugged Case extends your tablet's shelf life. 
Made with a very high-density Silicone material, it offers a maximum protection to your tablet to make it almost invulnerable. 

Placed on the corners of the Silicase, the bumpers protect the screen in case of a fall. 
Provide an absolute protection with Silicase ultra-resistant tempered glass. 

Silicase is also non-skid and offers a secure handgrip. Made for an optimal user comfort, Silicase can't slip from your hands. And if that was the case, your tablet would come intact ! 

Complete your tablet or smartphone equipment

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